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Amir Siddiqui Biography

Posted by | Vishnu Das on | January 4, 2024

Date of Birth

4 / January / 1994


30 Years



Amir Siddiqui is a well-known model from India, a popular TikTok star, and a member of the well-known TikTok team Team Nawab. He has more than 500k followers on Instagram and more than 3.7 million TikTok followers. Find out more about his age, wiki, height, weight, carryminati, roast, biography, family, education, skirt, income, and other details by reading on.

Amir Siddiqui Age, WIki, Carryminati, Height, Biography & More

In Lucknow, India, on January 4, 1994, Amir Siddiqui was born. As of 2020, he is 26 years old. At the moment, he lives in Mumbai. He came from a Muslim family at birth. He’s got a brother and a sister. Although not much is known about his schooling, Amir’s parents desired for him to become a doctor. It is unknown what his romantic situation is.


TikTok Stats


When he first started using TikTok in July 2018, all of his posts were about finding serenity. His tiktoks stood apart from those of the majority of well-known TikTok performers. This may be the cause of his extraordinary achievement. Because the viewer could relate to his videos readily, they quickly became viral. He formed a group known as “Team Nawab,” which is made up of people from all around the nation. Additionally, Team Nawab has traversed national boundaries.

Amir Siddiqui and CarryMinati were embroiled in a scandal recently. On May 8, 2020, Carry posted a video to YouTube titled “YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK: THE END.” Ajey burned a lot of tiktokers, including Amir, in this video. Numerous records have been broken by the video in the Indian YouTube community. Every well-known Indian. All the popular Indian YouTubers are with Carry for this drama.

Amir was called out by Ajey for suggesting that TikTok has more Instagram engagement than YouTubers, which made YouTubers cringe. Even after receiving backlash for using the hashtag #skirt in one of his Instagram pictures, he changed the image and deleted the hashtag. Not just Carry, but also Ashish Chanclani and Harsh Beniwal, two of the biggest Indian YouTubers, are making fun of Amir.

Surprisingly, Amir like the short version of Carry’s video that he shared on Instagram. He even made a remark on the video. It’s the intermission, not the end, Maza aaya dekhne main. This demonstrates that the “YouTube vs. Tiktok” debate will persist for some time to come.


Ticktok Url @teamnawab
Followers Count 3.8 M
Following 42
Likes Count 137.6 B
Networth $450 million

Amir Siddiqui Physical

Amir Siddiqui’s approximate height is 5 feet 6 inches, 167 centimeters, and 1.67 meters, and his approximate weight is 60 kilograms. The color of his hair and eyes are both black.

Amir Siddiqui Net Worth and Earnings

It is noteworthy that salaries and net worth fluctuate over time. We have concentrated on the salary and net worth in the area below. In this section, there are additional disputes added. Amir Siddiqui is worth $450 million in total.

Body Measurements Unknown
Birth Place Lucknow, India
Children N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height In CM 172 CM
Height In Meter 1.72 M
Nationality Indian
Parents Unknown
Profession TikToker
Siblings 1 Sister, 1 Brother
Spous N/A
Weight 64kg
Zodiac Sign Capricorn


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