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Date of Birth

2 / November / 1966


58 Years


Actor, producer, director, comedian, voice actor

David Schwimmer, born David Lawrence Schwimmer on November 2, 1966, is a versatile figure in the entertainment industry, recognized for his roles as an actor, producer, director, comedian, and voice actor. He gained widespread acclaim for his portrayal of Ross Geller in the iconic television series FRIENDS.

David Schwimmer Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Wife, Affairs, & More

Schwimmer made his acting debut in the film “Flight of the Intruder” in 1991 and has since showcased his talent across various mediums including television and stage. He made his directorial debut with the film “Run Fatboy Run” in 2007. Schwimmer’s multifaceted career has solidified his status as a prominent figure in Hollywood.

Early Life

David Schwimmer, born in 1966, grew up in Los Angeles, California. He discovered his passion for acting during high school. After studying theater at Northwestern University, Schwimmer pursued a career in acting, ultimately achieving fame for his role as Ross Geller on the hit TV show “Friends.”


David Schwimmer hails from Beverly Hills and attended Beverly Hills High School, graduating in 1984. He pursued his higher education at Northwestern University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998.


David Schwimmer, born on November 2, 1966, in Flushing, Queens, New York, U.S., is an American actor and director. He was 58 years old.

Physical Stats

David Schwimmer stands tall at 185 cm (6’1″) and weighs approximately 86 kg (189 lbs), with body measurements including a chest size of 42 inches, waist of 41 inches, and biceps of 15 inches. While his eye color remains undisclosed, he is recognized for his light brown hair.

Wife and Daughter

David Schwimmer’s wife is Zoë Buckman, whom he married in 2010. They have a daughter, whose name is not known.


David Schwimmer’s list of affairs and girlfriends includes Patrice Jennings, Patrica, Minnie Driver, Natalie Imbruglia, Mili Avital, Carla Alapont, Tina Barret, Gina Calavera, and Zoe Buckman.


David Schwimmer’s family includes his father, Arthur Coleman-Schwimmer, and his mother, Arlene Coleman-Schwimmer. He has a sister named Ellie, born in 1965. Schwimmer’s family background is of Jewish descent, and he belongs to the White ethnicity.

David Schwimmer with his Wife and Daughter

David Schwimmer with his Wife and Daughter

David Schwimmer Girlfriend Patrice Jennings

David Schwimmer Girlfriend Patrice Jennings

David Schwimmer with his Girlfriend Minnie Driver

David Schwimmer with his Girlfriend Minnie Driver

David Schwimmer with his Girlfriend Natalie Imbruglia

David Schwimmer with his Girlfriend Natalie Imbruglia

David Schwimmer with his Girlfriend Tina Barret

David Schwimmer with his Girlfriend Tina Barret


David Schwimmer’s career skyrocketed with his iconic portrayal of Ross Geller on the television sitcom “Friends,” which aired from 1994 to 2004. His portrayal of the lovable yet socially awkward paleontologist earned him widespread recognition and critical acclaim. Beyond “Friends,” Schwimmer has diversified his career by directing and producing films, including the acclaimed HBO series “Band of Brothers.” He continues to be an influential figure in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera.



Year Role Title
1989 Rob Cuccio A Deadly Silence
1992 John Anderson Crossing the Bridge
1999 Chris All the Rage
2001 Jonathan Danderfine Hotel
Yitzhak “Antek” Zuckerman Uprising
2003 Tony Adams Great Family
2005 Duane Hopwood Duane Hopwood
Melman (voice) Madagascar
2006 Charlie Big Nothing
2007 Man Handing Dennis a Beer During Race Run, Fatboy, Run
2008 Ray Armstrong Nothing but the Truth
Melman (voice) Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
2013 Madly Madagascar
2019 Matthew Quirk The Laundromat
2024 Martin Little Death


Year Role Title
1989 Rob Cuccio A Deadly Silence
1996 Dr. Karubian (voice) ER
1997 Dr. Kevin Saunders Breast Men
1998 Robert S. Levitt Since You’ve Been Gone
2001 Yitzhak Zuckerman Uprising
Captain Herbert M. Sobel Band of Brothers
2003 Himself MADtv
2004 Curb Your Enthusiasm
2007 Greenzo/Jared 30 Rock
2009 Melman (voice) Merry Madagascar
Himself Entourage
2011 Come Fly With Me
2012 Newell L. Miller Web Therapy
2015 Himself Episodes
2021 Himself Friends: The Reunion
2023 Harris Goldblatt Extrapolations
Joel Moon (voice) Captain Fall
2023 Himself The Great Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C


Year Notes Title
1996 Executive producer Shoot the Moon
1998 Director; television film Since You’ve Been Gone
1999–2004 Director; 10 episodes Friends
2003 Executive producer Humanoid
2005 Director; television film New Car Smell
2007 Director Run, Fatboy, Run
2010 Director Trust
2014 Director/executive producer; episode: “Pilot” Growing Up Fisher
Director/executive producer; television film Irreversible

Net Worth

David Schwimmer’s net worth is $80 million.

Some Lesser Known Facts About David Schwimmer

  • David’s first acting experience was at the age of 10 when he played the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella’s Jewish version.
  • In school, he was good at Maths and Science and he thought he’d be a doctor. His drama teacher motivated him to pursue acting and he flew to Chicago to take his degree in theater and speech.
  • David Schwimmer after graduation, co-founded the “Lookingglass Theatre Company” in the late 1980s. He continued his journey as an unemployed struggling actor in Los Angeles.
  • After moving to Beverly Hills, David was never comfortable at the school. He felt out of place because he felt like the students there had a different value system than his.
  • Schwimmer, in 2016, played Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story.
  • He took a Shakespeare workshop in 1979. Ian McKellen taught at the workshops and David was engrossed in the classes. He later won two first prizes in the Southern California Shakespeare Festival.
  • He turned down the role of Ross Geller first but accepted it later on. The role was specifically written with him in mind as cast because the Executive Producer had already worked with him and knew his caliber.
  • David chose to do the movie The Pallbearer because he wanted to play something as far from the character of Ross Geller. He turned down the character of “J” in “Mein in Black” along with Tommy Lee Jones to grow in art rather than earn quick cash.
  • Schwimmer based his character of Ross Geller in FRIENDS on Nicolas Cage’s movie Peggy Sue Got Married (1986).
  • Variety mentioned, “All six of the principals, especially (Courteney) Cox and Schwimmer, appear resourceful and display sharp sitcom skills”.
  • When FRIENDS was aired for the first time, it was watched by 22 million American Viewers. Schwimmer received strong reviews very soon. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette complimented David calling him “terrific”.
  • He received an Emmy Award nomination in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy.
  • David was criticized for his role in Band of Brothers, a war drama, in which he played a cruel captain. BBC News criticized him calling him the only problem in the movie because his puppy-dog eyes weren’t convincing enough for the role.
  • He voiced the character Melman, the giraffe in the animated movie Madagasker (2005). Critics gave mixed responses although the movie was a commercial success bagging US$532 million, the biggest hit of 2005.
  • After FRIENDS, David has been FRIENDS-zoned as he tried so many roles and things to break out his Ross Geller’s character, bus has mostly received mixed reviews from the critics.
  • Schwimmer has also directed a few episodes of FRIENDS.

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Body Measurements Chest: 42 Inches, Waist: 41 Inches, Biceps: 15 Inches
Birth Place Flushing, Queens, New York, U.S.
Children Daughter: Name not Known
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Height In CM 185 CM
Height In Meter 1.85 M
Nationality American
Parents Father: Arthur Coleman-Schwimmer, Mother: Arlene Coleman-Schwimmer
Profession Actor, producer, director, comedian, voice actor
Siblings Sister: Ellie
Spous Zoë Buckman
Weight 86 kg
Zodiac Sign Scorpion


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