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Date of Birth

24 / May / 1942


82 Years



James Fraser Stoddart, often referred to as Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, is a distinguished chemist renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to the field. Born on May 24, 1942, he gained international acclaim for his pioneering work, earning him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016.

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Throughout his illustrious career, Stoddart has made significant advancements in molecular machinery and nanotechnology, demonstrating a remarkable ability to manipulate molecules for various applications. His dedication to scientific innovation and excellence has solidified his legacy as one of the foremost chemists of his generation.

Early Life

Fraser Stoddart’s early life unfolded in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he was born. Despite a fragile start as an infant, with only a 50% chance of survival, he defied the odds and thrived. Raised on Edgelaw Farm, he experienced a rustic upbringing, devoid of electricity until the age of 18. His formative years were shaped by the rural landscape, where his father tended to the farm, caring for livestock and fishing in the farm’s lake. These humble beginnings instilled in Stoddart a resilience and appreciation for simplicity that would later influence his scientific pursuits.


Sir J. Fraser Stoddart’s educational journey began at a local village school in Carrington, Midlothian, Scotland, UK, followed by Stewart’s Melville College in Edinburgh. He obtained his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from Edinburgh University, later pursuing postdoctoral research at Queen’s University in Canada. Stoddart furthered his academic pursuits with a DSc degree from Edinburgh University and a stint as an Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield.


Born on May 24, 1942, in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart celebrates his birthday under the zodiac sign of Gemini. As of 2024, he is 82 years old and holds British nationality, reflecting his deep-rooted connection to the United Kingdom.

Physical Stats

Sir J. Fraser Stoddart’s striking blue eyes are complemented by his light brown hair, adding to his distinguished appearance as a renowned chemist.

Wife and Children

Fraser Stoddart experienced the loss of his wife, Norma Agnes Scholan, a scientist, who passed away on January 12, 2004. The couple tied the knot on October 8, 1968. They were blessed with two daughters: Fiona, born in 1973, who is married to Quentin McCubbin, and Alison, born in 1976.


Fraser Stoddart’s familial roots trace back to his father, Thomas Fraser Stoddart, and his mother, Jane Spalding Hislop Fortune. As the only child of his parents, Stoddart grew up with their undivided attention and support.

Fraser Stoddart wife Norma Agnes Schola

Fraser Stoddart wife Norma Agnes Schola

Fraser Stoddart Children Picture

Fraser Stoddart Children Picture

Fraser Stoddart with his Daughter

Fraser Stoddart with his Daughter


Fraser Stoddart’s career as a chemist is marked by pioneering contributions and significant achievements. After completing his education, he embarked on a journey of scientific exploration and innovation. Stoddart’s research focused on molecular machines and nanotechnology, leading to groundbreaking discoveries that earned him international recognition.

His illustrious career culminated in being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016, solidifying his legacy as one of the foremost figures in the field. Stoddart’s work continues to inspire future generations of scientists, demonstrating the profound impact of his contributions to chemistry and beyond.

Net Worth

Fraser Stoddart’s net worth is not publicly known.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Fraser Stoddart

  • He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and was a very weak infant. The doctor had said that there was a 50% chance that he would live but he survived.
  • He was brought up on Edgelaw Farm where he lived without electricity till the age of 18.
  • His father took care of the farm where he also worked and looked after the cows and sheep. He also used to fish at the lake in the farm.
  • He took piano lessons during his school days but later stopped as could not learn according to his expectations. He later played hockey for his school team.
  • He did not belong to a rich family, yet his father bought him a Lanbreeta scooter when he got his driver’s licence after turning 16 in 1958.
  • Stoddart moved to Canada in 1967 to pursue further education.
  • His wife, Norma, moved to Canada after their marriage in 1968 where she pursued her PhD.
  • He was once typing Norma’s PhD thesis when the coffee suddenly spilt on the pages. While Norma started crying and later slept after he comforted her, he remained awake for the whole night and retyped the thesis.
  • After completing his academics, he joined Sheffield University as a lecturer of Chemistry.
  • In 1978, he was a Science Research Council Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
  • He was promoted to Readership at the Sheffield University in 1982.
  • He moved to the Chair of Organic Chemistry at Birmingham University in 1990 and was appointed head of the School of Chemistry there.
  • In February 1992, his wife Norma suffered a brain haemorrhage but her artery self-healed within a few days.

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Body Measurements Not Known
Birth Place Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Children Daughters: Fiona, Alison
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Height In CM Not Known CM
Height In Meter Not Known M
Nationality British
Parents Father: Thomas Fraser Stoddart, Mother: Jane Spalding Hislop Fortune
Profession Chemist
Siblings N/A
Spous Norma Agnes Scholan (Widower)
Weight Not Known
Zodiac Sign Gemini


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