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Date of Birth

29 / July / 1954


70 Years



Harshad Shantilal Mehta, born on 29th July 1954 and passing away on 31st December 2001, was an Indian stockbroker and a convicted fraudster. He gained notoriety as a market manipulator due to his involvement in the infamous 1992 Indian securities scam.

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Harshad Shantilal Mehta, whose full name was Harshad Shantilal Mehta, was born on July 29, 1954, into a Jain family, initially hailing from Gujarat. Shortly after his birth, his family relocated to the bustling city of Mumbai.


Harshad Mehta’s family played a significant role in his life and career. His father, Shantilal Mehta, was a small textile trader operating in the Kandivali area of Mumbai. His mother, Rasilaben Mehta, provided crucial support to the family. Harshad Mehta was married to Jyoti Mehta, who stood by him during both his successes and challenges.

His brother, Ashwin Mehta, was his trusted partner in various business ventures. Despite facing their share of ups and downs, the two brothers remained closely connected throughout their lives. Interestingly, Ashwin Mehta was older than Harshad Mehta.

Ashwin Mehta Harshad Mehta Brother

Ashwin Mehta Harshad Mehta’s Brother

Sudhir Mehta Harshad Mehta Brother

Sudhir Mehta Harshad Mehta’s Brother

Jyoti Mehta Harshad Mehta Wife

Jyoti Mehta Harshad Mehta’s Wife

Aatur Harshad Mehta Harshad Mehta Son

Aatur Harshad Mehta Harshad Mehta’s Son

Early Life

Harshad Shantilal Mehta, a prominent figure in the Indian financial landscape, was born on 29th July 1954 in the village of Paneli Moti, situated in Rajkot district. He was born into a traditional Gujarati Jain family, known for their cultural and religious values.


Harshad Mehta’s educational journey began at Janta Public School, located in Camp 2 Bhilai, where he pursued his early studies. Despite being a cricket enthusiast, his school days did not reveal any exceptional academic promise. After completing his schooling, He decided to venture to Mumbai, seeking both further education and employment opportunities.

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After completing his studies, he began his professional journey by joining an insurance company, where he held a sales position. However, his interest in the financial world led him to explore new opportunities, and soon he transitioned to a brokerage firm. It was during his time there that he immersed himself in the intricacies of the stock market, learning its nuances and tricks.

Let us tell you that in no time he was in the headlines of newspapers and reports and all the big industrialists were anxious to meet and work with him. Harshad’s name was being given huge civility in the stock market, and everyone was surprised at how he had made so much progress in such a short time.


After serving a 5-year prison sentence, Harshad Mehta’s life took a tragic turn. On a fateful day, he complained of chest pain, signaling a potential health concern. Unfortunately, on the 31st of December 2001, Harshad Mehta’s life came to an untimely end due to a sudden heart attack. His passing was attributed to this unexpected and fatal cardiac event.

Net Worth

According to reports, Harshad Mehta’s net worth during his lifetime was estimated to be approximately $475 million, which would roughly translate to INR 3542 crores.

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Body Measurements Not Yet Update
Birth Place Thane Civil Hospital Mumbai
Children Son: Atur Mehta
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height In CM 178 CM
Height In Meter 1.78 M
Nationality Indian
Parents Father: Shantilal Mehta
Mother: Rasilaben Mehta
Profession Stockbroker
Siblings Brothers: Sudhir Mehta, Hitesh Mehta, Ashwin Mehta
Spous Jyoti Mehta
Weight 78 Kg
171 Lbs
Zodiac Sign Leo


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