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Date of Birth

4 / March / 1995


29 Years



Iqra Choudhary, also known as Iqra Hasan and Iqra Munawwar Hasan, is a politician affiliated with the Samajwadi Party (SP). Born on March 4, 1995, she embarked on her political career with significant ambition and dedication.

Iqra Choudhary Age, Caste, Family, Biography, & More

In 2024, she achieved a notable milestone by being elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) from the Kairana constituency, marking her first term in the legislative body. Iqra Choudhary’s political journey reflects her commitment to her party and her constituents, positioning her as a rising figure in Indian politics.

Early Life

Iqra Choudhary’s early life was steeped in politics, being born into a family with a strong political legacy. Her father, Chaudhary Munawwar Hasan, was a notable politician who passed away in 2008, while her mother, Begum Tabassum Hasan, continues to be active in politics.

Growing up, Choudhary witnessed three generations of her family serving as elected representatives in both Lok Sabha and the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Despite experiencing an initial setback in her own political aspirations with a defeat in the 2016 Zila Panchayat elections, she later gained prominence for her pivotal role in managing her brother’s successful election campaign in 2022.


Iqra Choudhary attended Queen Mary’s School in Delhi before earning a Bachelor of Arts from Lady Shri Ram College (2012-2015), a Bachelor of Law from Campus Law Centre (2015-2018), and a Master of Science in International Politics and Law from SOAS University of London (2019-2020).


Iqra Choudhary was born on March 4, 1995, in Kairana, Uttar Pradesh, India, making her 29 years old as of 2024. She holds Indian nationality, and her signature is Iqra Choudhary’s signature.

Physical Stats

Iqra Choudhary stands at approximately 5′ 5″ (165 cm) with black eyes and black hair.


She is currently unmarried.


Iqra Choudhary’s parents are politicians: her father, Chaudhary Munawwar Hasan, who passed away on December 10, 2008, and her mother, Begum Tabassum Hasan. She also has a brother, Nahid Hasan, who is a politician.

Iqra Choudhary Father Chaudhary Munawwar Hasan

Iqra Choudhary Father Chaudhary Munawwar Hasan

Iqra Choudhary Mother Begum Tabassum Hasan

Iqra Choudhary Mother Begum Tabassum Hasan

Iqra Choudhary Brother Nahid Hasan

Iqra Choudhary Brother Nahid Hasan


Iqra Choudhary’s career trajectory reflects her deep-rooted involvement in politics. Despite facing an early setback in the 2016 Zila Panchayat elections, she quickly rose to prominence by effectively managing her brother’s victorious campaign in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections. This success propelled her own political journey, leading to her election as a Lok Sabha MP from the Kairana constituency in 2024.

Alongside her political endeavors, Choudhary has also made headlines for her activism, notably captured in a viral photo of her protesting in front of the Indian embassy in London in 2020. Despite her initial aspirations for pursuing a PhD, her dedication to public service and political engagement has been the driving force of her career.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Iqra Choudhary’s net worth is Rs. 59,90,701.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Iqra Choudhary

  • In 2024, she became Lok Sabha MP from the Kairana constituency.
  • She made headlines for handling her brother’s election campaign in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections who went on to win the elections.
  • Iqra Choudhary holding placard during protest in front of Indian Embassy in London
  • She contested the Zila Panchayat elections from Kairana in 2016 for the first time but lost to Manish Chauhan.
  • Iqra Choudhary with Akhilesh Yadav (right) during the 2024 election campaign
  • Iqra Choudhary was born into a political family as three generations of her family including her mother and her brother have also served as elected representatives in Lok Sabha and Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly.
  • Her photo went viral in 2020 when she protested in front of the Indian embassy in London holding a placard supporting JNU and Jamia Milia University.
  • She said in an interview that she wanted to pursue PhD but life had other plans for her.

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Body Measurements Not Known
Birth Place Kairana, Uttar Pradesh, India
Children N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height In CM 165 CM
Height In Meter 1.65 M
Nationality Indian
Parents Father: Chaudhary Munawwar Hasan, Mother: Begum Tabassum Hasan
Profession Politician
Siblings Brother: Nahid Hasan
Spous N/A
Weight Not Known
Zodiac Sign Pisces


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