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Date of Birth

8 / July / 2004


20 Years



Joy Rindfleisch, also recognized as Joy Sistina, is a renowned powerlifter originating from the United States. In addition to her achievements in powerlifting, she has carved a niche for herself as a prominent figure on TikTok and a fitness influencer on various social media platforms. With a fan base numbering in the millions, Joy has gained widespread recognition for sharing fitness-related content.

Joy Rindfleisch Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, Boyfriend & Bio

Her recent feat at the World Championships in Turkey has propelled her into the spotlight, securing the second-best position globally. Notably, she has not only demonstrated her prowess in competition but has also set a remarkable world record by bench pressing an impressive 221 pounds. Joy Sistina continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional strength and dedication to the world of powerlifting.

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Ticktok Url @joyjoysfitness
Followers Count 1.2 M
Following 251
Likes Count 59.1 M
Networth $450,000

Joy Rindfleisch Early Life

Born on July 8, 2004, in Buffalo, New York, USA, she is currently 18 years old. While her parents’ names remain undisclosed, it is likely that they take pride in her success and offer strong support. Information about her siblings or other relatives is not available. She holds American nationality, and her sun sign is Cancer. Stay tuned for updates in this section.

Joy Rindfleisch’s Education

It appears that she has received a quality education, having completed her schooling at a prestigious private institution. Although the specific name of her school is not disclosed, her passion for powerlifting from a young age led her to forego pursuing higher studies. As of now, she is a high school graduate. Stay tuned for updates in this section.Joy Rindfleisch Career

Throughout her 15-year career, she showcased her exceptional gymnastic talent, participating in numerous events. Unfortunately, she faced setbacks, enduring three ankle injuries during competitions. These incidents prompted a brief hiatus from gymnastics. In January 2022, she transitioned to powerlifting, under the guidance of renowned coach Vin Mangione. Her debut powerlifting event was the New York Ladies of Iron in April 2022, where she secured the fourth position in two divisions. However, her performance in the AMP Nationals in June did not meet her expectations.

Turning to her influencer career, she initiated her TikTok journey, sharing fitness videos featuring weightlifting. Her impactful content garnered viral attention and acclaim from her fans. Currently, she boasts a social media following exceeding 2 million.

Joy Rindfleisch Recent News

Following her departure from gymnastics, she made a remarkable entrance into the World Championships in Turkey, securing the second-best position globally. Notably, she also established a world record by bench pressing an impressive 221 pounds. In a candid interview, she expressed how powerlifting played a pivotal role in her life, serving as a source of salvation. Despite discouragement from doctors advising her to cease sports activities after three ankle injuries, powerlifting emerged as a transformative and empowering outlet for her.

Joy Rindfleisch Boyfriend, Husband & Personal Life

She possesses both beauty and talent, making her captivating to anyone who encounters her. However, her relationship status remains single, as she chooses not to delve into her personal or romantic life publicly. Clearly a private individual, she keeps these aspects of her life discreet. Best wishes are extended in the hope that she finds her soul mate in the near future. This section will be revised as new information becomes available.

Joy Rindfleisch’s Net Worth

She has established herself as a prominent wrestler and social media personality. Despite her young age of 18, Joy has garnered significant fame and recognition. Her primary source of income comes from lucrative sponsorships, and she also earns from participating in powerlifting competitions. A highly active and influential figure in the fitness community, she boasts around two million followers on her social media platforms. Additionally, she has collaborated with major brands, including Helimis and Civil Regime. Enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with her family, her estimated net worth, according to various sources, is approximately $450,000.

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Body Measurements Unknown
Birth Place Buffalo, New York, USA
Children N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light Brown
Height In CM 157 CM
Height In Meter 1.57 M
Nationality American
Parents Unknown
Profession TikToker
Siblings Unknown
Spous N/A
Weight 63 kg
Zodiac Sign Cancer


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