Maya Tamil Movie 2015 Cast

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Initial release

17 September 2015




Ashwin Saravanan


₹10 crore


Horror, Tamil cinema


2h 21m

Maya is a 2015 Indian Tamil-language neo-noir horror film written and directed by Ashwin Saravanan. It was produced by Potential Studios and features Nayanthara and Aari Arujunan in the lead roles. Lakshmi Priya and Amzath Khan played supporting roles in the film.

Maya Tamil Movie 2015 Cast, Plot, Production, & Release

Nayanthara’s 50th film, Maya, is considered one of the finest horror films in Tamil cinema and was highly successful at the box office, ranking among the top-grossing Tamil films of 2015. The film also had a dubbed Telugu version titled Mayuri. It gained further recognition when it was remade in Kannada as Aake, directed by K. M. Chaitanya and featuring Chiranjeevi Sarja in the lead role.


Vasanth, an artist portrayed by Aari Arujunan, is immersed in creating a story about a haunted forest called ‘Mayavanam’. During a birthday celebration for his friend, Vasanth narrates a chilling tale involving a malevolent spirit named ‘Maya’. According to the story, if someone says “Maya! Your daughter is not with me!” three times, they will experience a bone-chilling sensation and witness the spirit descending upon them.

During the narration, Vasanth’s wife suddenly appears, disguised as the spirit of Maya, creating a frightful surprise. The following day, Vasanth shares the photos he took of the staged entry with his boss, Ram Prasad (played by Amzath Khan), and Madan (Uday Mahesh), the writer for the episode on Mayavanam. Ram notices a smoky figure in the background of the photos and warns Vasanth about its presence.


Real Name Role Name
Nayanthara Apsara Arjun / Maya Mathews
Aari Arujunan Arjun / Vasanth
Amzath Khan Ram
Lakshmi Priya Swathi
Robo Shankar Shankar
Mime Gopi R.K.(Radhakrishnan)
Sharath Kamal
Kulappulli Leela Leela
Uday Mahesh Madhan
Reshmi Menon Anjali
G. M. Kumar Arunachalam



It was produced by Potential Studios and features Nayanthara along with Aari Arujunan in the lead roles.

Nayanthara Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Children, Family

Aari Arujunan

Aari Arujunan

Maya is a Kollywood horror movie directed by Ashwin Saravanan. The main roles of this movie are done by Nayanthara and Aari Arujunan.

Amzath Khan 

Amzath Khan

Amzath Khan is an accomplished Indian actor primarily known for his work in Tamil cinema. He gained recognition for his portrayal of the character ‘Ram’ in the Tamil film “Maya” (2015).

Lakshmi Priya

Lakshmi Priya

Maya is a 2015 Indian Tamil-language neo-noir horror film written and directed by Ashwin Lakshmi Priya and Amzath Khan in supporting roles.

Robo Shankar

Robo Shankar

Mime Gopi

Mime Gopi



Kulappulli Leela

Kulappulli Leela

Uday Mahesh

Uday Mahesh

Reshmi Menon

Reshmi Menon

G. M. Kumar


Despite having a modest budget, the producers of “Maya” were determined to cast a leading heroine in the protagonist’s role. They eventually signed Nayanthara for the part. Aari Arujunan was chosen to play the male lead after his impressive performance in the film “Nedunchaalai” (2014) caught the attention of the makers. Filming for “Maya” commenced in June 2014, with continuous shooting schedules taking place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Maya’s soundtrack was composed by Ron Ethan Yohann, who earlier makes his music composing debut in Sooriya Nagaram under his original name, Fen Viallee. The soundtrack album was launched at RadioCity on 13 July 2015.


The worldwide release of “Maya” took place on 17 September 2015, simultaneously in Tamil as “Maya” and in Telugu as “Mayuri.” The satellite rights for the film were acquired by Sun TV, and it was scheduled to have its television premiere on Christmas Day in 2016 on the same channel.

Theatrical Release Poster

Budget ₹10 crore (US$1.3 million)
Cinematography Sathyan Sooryan
Country India
Directed by Ashwin Saravanan
Distributed by Sri Thenandal Films

C. Kalyan (Telugu)

Edited by T. S. Suresh
Language Tamil
Music by Ron Ethan Yohann
Produced by S. R. Prakashbabu

S. R. Prabhu

Prabhu Venkatachalam

Gopinath P.

Thanga Prabaharan R.

Potential Studios
Release date 17 September 2015
Running time 142 minutes
Written by Ashwin Saravanan

Critical Reception

Maya received positive reviews from critics, with The Times of India awarding the film 3.5 stars out of 5. The review highlighted the originality and intellectual appeal of the film, noting its ability to linger in the viewer’s mind even after it has ended. The inventive storytelling and convergence of plotlines were also praised, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.


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