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Date of Birth

20 / December / Unknown





Meche, a prominent Mexican musician, TikTok celebrity, and social media personality, rose to fame by sharing short films on various social media platforms. Recently, she drew attention for her involvement in online age misrepresentation. With a follower count exceeding 500,000, Meche utilizes the TikTok app to showcase her short videos. As we proceed, you may unveil more about her journey and accomplishments.

Meche (TikTok) Age, Real Name, Wiki, Net Worth, BF & Bio

Meche is a renowned Mexican musician, TikTok sensation, and social media personality, earning recognition for sharing concise films on various social media platforms.

Recently, she attracted attention for her involvement in online age misrepresentation. Meche boasts a follower count exceeding 500,000 and utilizes the app to share brief videos. As we proceed, you may uncover additional details about her age, real name, wiki, net worth, boyfriend, and biography.

Meche Wiki/Bio Age, Education

Meche was born in Mexico to a Mexican family, and her true name is Marissa de Yavhe Gaytan. With a birthdate of December 20, she falls under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Despite this, she has chosen not to disclose any details about her educational background.

Meche Ethnicity and Parents

She identifies as Mexican both racially and nationally. However, as of now, details about her parents and siblings remain undisclosed. A look at her social media profiles reveals that she predominantly shares images and videos featuring herself, indicating a desire to maintain a separation between her personal and professional lives. Keeping these aspects distinct is a priority for her.

Marital Boyfriend

Meche is currently unmarried, likely due to her youth, suggesting that she might be a minor. Rumors circulate about her being single, with no reported romantic relationships at the moment.

Meche Age, Weight, Height, and More

Currently, Meche’s age remains undisclosed. Contrary to the assumption of her followers that she is 18 years old, information shared by well-known influencer Tessa Ortega reveals that Marissa is actually 16 years old. Despite this revelation, Meche is not actively engaging in the ongoing dispute between the two online celebrities.

Her age is only available when she publicly discloses it, and until then, we won’t make any assumptions. Measuring at 5 feet 4 inches and weighing approximately 57 kg, she sports blonde hair and brown eyes. While her shoe size is 7 (US), specific details about her body proportions remain undisclosed.

Meche Career

Meche recently joined the realm of social media, with her TikTok account @marissadeyavhe_ gaining notable recognition for the sharing of short films. Our research indicates that she has been contributing videos to the platform for more than a year. Despite the length of her presence, her videos have only recently gained significant popularity for reasons yet to be determined.

TikTok Stats


Boasting a substantial social media following, she aspires to pursue a career in music. In September 2022, she launched “Pensando,” her inaugural song. Additionally, she released a track titled “Demoniatica” during the same year.


In 2023, she marked her collaborative debut by producing the song “Amor Secreto.”In May 2023, she had garnered fewer than 100,000 TikTok fans. Her content includes a variety of videos, ranging from lip-syncs to dance covers. Collaborating with individuals such as Bryan Sanchez on a dance cover, she has now accumulated a total of 15.2 million likes on TikTok and boasts a following of over 693k.

In August 2023, she unveiled two additional songs, namely “Masoquista” and “STS.” Despite her widespread popularity on social media, her music career is still in its early stages, and she is yet to release an EP or album. Currently, her most-streamed song on Spotify is “Demoniatica,” with approximately 20,000 listens.

Ticktok Url @marissadeyavhe
Followers Count 1.3M
Following 526
Likes Count 42.3M
Networth $100,000

Meche Net Worth

Meche is believed to have an estimated wealth of $100,000, primarily generated through sponsorships. Her main income stream involves endorsing products or services on her social media platforms. The potential success of her singing career could lead to significant wealth in the future.

Body Measurements Unknown
Birth Place Mexico
Children N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Height In CM 162CM CM
Height In Meter 1.62M M
Nationality Mexican
Parents unknown
Profession TikToker
Spous N/A
Weight 57 kg
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius


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