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Meena Kumari Biography

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Date of Birth

1 / August / 1932


92 Years


Actress Poet Singer Costume Designer

Mahjabeen Bano, known by her stage name Meena Kumari, was a renowned Indian actress and poet who graced the Hindi film industry. She was born on August 1, 1933, and sadly passed away on March 31, 1972. Meena Kumari’s illustrious career spanned from 1939 to 1972, earning her the title of ‘The Tragedy Queen.’ Although she was born Mahjabeen Bano, she became an iconic figure in the industry under her stage name Meena Kumari.

Meena Kumari Age, Death Cause, Family, Biography & More

Kumari achieved success by clinching four Best Actress awards at the prestigious Filmfare Awards. Her remarkable journey began in 1954 when she secured the inaugural Filmfare Best Actress Award for her outstanding performance in “Baiju Bawra.” Continuing her winning streak, she went on to claim another victory in the following year’s ceremony, the second Filmfare Awards in 1955, for her remarkable portrayal in “Parineeta.”


Meena Kumari hailed from a family of talented individuals. Her father, Master Ali Bux, was a renowned Parsi theatre veteran, skilled musician, and accomplished poet. Her mother, Iqbal Begum, also known as Prabhawati Devi, excelled as a dancer. Within her family, Meena Kumari had two siblings, namely Khursheed Bano and Mahliqa.

Master Ali Bux Meena Kumari Father

Master Ali Bux Meena Kumari Father

Prabhawati Devi Meena Kumari Mother

Prabhawati Devi Meena Kumari Mother

Khursheed Bano Meena Kumari Sister

Khursheed Bano Meena Kumari Sister

Madhu Ali Meena Kumari Sister

Madhu Ali Meena Kumari Sister

Kamal Amrohi Meena Kumari Husband

Kamal Amrohi Meena Kumari Husband

Meena Kumari Childhood Pics

Meena Kumari Childhood Pics


Apologies for any previous inaccuracies. Meena Kumari, originally named Mahjabeen, was born to Ali Bux and Iqbal Begum. Unfortunately, Ali Bux was disheartened as he had anticipated the birth of a son. Meena Kumari had two sisters: Khursheed Jr. (not Khursheed Bano) and Mahliqa, who was also known as Madhu. Thank you for providing the correct information.


Meena Kumari’s education took a unique path due to the demands of her work. Although she initially attended a regular school, her studies were frequently interrupted by her work commitments. Consequently, she did not experience a conventional school education. Instead, she pursued her learning through private tuition and, more significantly, through her interests. In this manner, she became self-educated, shaping her knowledge and understanding outside the traditional school system.

Personal Life

In 1938, Kamal Amrohi first crossed paths with Kumari while in search of a child actor for the film “Jailor.” It was years later, during the filming of “Tamasha,” that Ashok Kumar introduced Amrohi to Kumari. Impressed by her talent, Amrohi extended an offer for her to play the lead role in his upcoming film, “Anarkali.” The contract was officially signed on March 13, 1951, but unfortunately, on May 21, 1951, the agreement was terminated or experienced a change.


At the tender age of six, Meena Kumari was discovered by Vijay Bhatt, who cast her in the film “Leatherface” (1939) and bestowed upon her the name “Baby Meena.” Later, she had the opportunity to portray the character of Meena Kumari in Bhatt’s “Baiju Bawra” (1952). Throughout her illustrious career, which spanned from 1939 to 1972, Meena Kumari graced the silver screen in a remarkable 94 films.

After her initial foray into films, Meena Kumari collaborated with Homi Wadia on mythological projects before venturing into the realm of comedies, notably in the film “Miss Mary” (1957). Throughout her career, she became synonymous with the portrayal of the archetypal virtuous Hindu wife, often depicted as enduring hardships while remaining devoted to her spouse.

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Title Roles Year
Leather Face Baby Mahjabeen 1939
Do Bigha Zamin thakurain 1953
Rukhsana Rukhsana 1955
Adl-e-Jehangir Zareena 1955
Bandish Usha Sen 1955
Azaad Shobha 1955
Mem Sahib Meena 1956
Ek Hi Raasta Malti 1956
Shatranj Sandhya 1956
Naya Andaz Mala 1956
Halaku Nilofer Nadir 1956
Bandhan Bani 1956
Sharada Sharda Ram Sharan 1957
Miss Mary Miss Mary / Laxmi 1957
Sahara Leela 1958
Yahudi Hannah 1958
Savera Shanti 1958
Farishta Shobha 1958
Chand Vimla 1959
Ardhangini Chhaya 1959
Shararat Shabnam 1959
Satta Bazaar Jamuna 1959
Madhu Madhu 1959
Jagir Jyoti 1959
Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan Ratna 1959
Char Dil Char Rahen Chavli 1959
Kohinoor Princess Chandramukhi 1960
Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai Karuna 1960
Bahana   1960
Zindagi aur Khwab Shanti 1961
Pyaar Ka Saagar Radha / Rani B Gupta 1961
Dil Ek Mandir Sita 1963
Akeli Mat Jaiyo Seema 1963
Benazir Benazir 1964
Main Bhi Ladki Hoon Rajni 1964
Sanjh Aur Savera Gauri 1964
Ghazal Naaz Ara Beghum 1964
Chitralekha Chitralekha 1964
Purnima Purnima V. Lal 1965
Kaajal Madhvi 1965
Bheegi Raat Neelima 1965
Phool Aur Patthar Shanti 1966
Saat Phere   1970
Jawab Vidya 1970
Mere Apne Anandi Devi 1971
Dushmun Malti 1971
Pakeezah Nargis / Sahibjaan 1972
Gomti Ke Kinare Ganga 1972


Songs Years
Mohe Bhool Gaye Saanwariya – Baiju Bawra 1952
Na Bole, Na Bole – Azaad 1955
Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh – Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi 1960
Dil Mein Baji – Kohinoor 1960
Jyoti Kalash Chalke – Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan 1961
Ruk Ja Raat – Dil Ek Mandir 1963
Naghma-o-Sher Ki Saugaat – Gazal 1964
Dil Jo Na Keh Saka – Bheegi Raat 1965
Duniya Kare Sawaal – Bahu Begum 1967
Chalte Chalte – Pakeezah 1972


Film Roles Result Year
Pakeezah Nargis / Sahibjaan Nominated 1973
Phool Aur Patthar Shanti Nominated 1967
Kaajal Madhvi Won 1966
Dil Ek Mandir Sita Nominated 1964
Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam Chhoti Bahu Won 1963
Aarti Aarti Gupta Nominated 1963
Main Chup Rahungi Gayatri Nominated 1963
Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan Ratna Nominated 1960
Sahara Leela Nominated 1959
Azaad Shobha Nominated 1956
Parineeta Lalita Won 1955
Baiju Bawra Gauri Won 1954


I’m sorry to hear about the untimely demise of Meena Kumari. Indeed, she passed away on March 31, 1972, at the age of 39. The cause of her death was determined to be liver cirrhosis. Meena Kumari had been admitted to St. Elizabeth’s Nursing Home on March 28, 1972. Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated rapidly, and within two days, she fell into a coma. Regrettably, she passed away on March 31, 1972. It was a sudden and tragic loss for the film industry.

Net worth and Income

By 1972, Meena Kumari had accumulated a net worth of $3 million through her illustrious career as a prominent movie actress. She was widely recognized as one of the most influential and impactful Hindi actresses of all time.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Meena Kumai

  • Meena Kumari, a renowned Indian actress, singer, and poet, gained fame as ‘The Tragedy Queen’ for her memorable roles in Hindi cinema.
  • Born into a family where her father initially desired a son, Meena Kumari faced early struggles as her family dealt with financial hardships. Despite these challenges, her father ultimately decided to bring her home after leaving her in front of an orphanage.
  • Despite her childhood dreams of pursuing higher education in fields like law or medicine, Meena Kumari had to forgo her studies due to financial limitations and instead embarked on a career as an actress.
  • Meena Kumari’s childhood was marked by a love for play, though her father, emphasizing work over leisure, discouraged such activities.
  • Beginning her acting career at a young age, Meena Kumari appeared in numerous Hindi films, earning recognition and eventually adopting her screen name from a role in the 1946 film ‘Bachchon Ka Khel.’
  • Alongside acting, Meena Kumari showcased her musical talents by lending her voice to songs in various Hindi films throughout the years.
  • In the 1950s, Meena Kumari’s career reached new heights with acclaimed performances in films such as ‘Baiju Bawra,’ ‘Parineeta,’ and ‘Chandni Chowk.’
  • Meena Kumari’s prowess as an actress was further acknowledged with multiple awards in the Best Actress category during the period from 1966 to 1979.
  • Beyond her film career, Meena Kumari ventured into television, appearing in serials and also featuring in commercials for brands like Zaveri Jewellers and Lux soap.
  • Meena Kumari’s personal life included her relationship with Kamal Amrohi and her role in caring for her stepson Tajdar Amrohi.
  • In addition to her acting career, Meena Kumari co-produced films, lent her voice to documentaries, and even designed costumes for the iconic 1972 film ‘Pakeezah.’
  • Tragically, Meena Kumari’s life was cut short when she fell ill shortly after the release of ‘Pakeezah’ and passed away in March 1972, leaving behind a legacy that continues to be celebrated in Indian cinema.

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Body Measurements Not Yet Update
Birth Place Dadar East Bombay British India (present-day Mumbai India)
Children Not Yet Update
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height In CM 163 CM
Height In Meter 1.63 M
Nationality Indian
Parents Father: Master Ali Bux
Mother: Prabhavati Devi/Iqbal Begum
Profession Actress Poet Singer Costume Designer
Siblings Brothers: Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar
Sister: Khurshid Bano
Spous Kamal Amrohi
Weight 50 Kg
110 Lbs
Zodiac Sign Leo


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