Naan Tamil Movie 2012 Cast

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Initial release

15 August 2012




Jeeva Shankar


10 crore


Thriller, Crime, Drama


2h 23m

Naan, which translates to “Me” in English, is a Tamil-language crime thriller film released in 2012. It marks the directorial debut of Jeeva Shankar. The lead role of a psychopathic killer is portrayed by composer Vijay Antony, who also produced the film and composed its music. Siddharth Venugopal and Rupa Manjari appear in supporting roles, adding depth to the narrative.

Naan Tamil Movie 2012 Cast, Plot, Production, & Release

The production of Naan commenced in October 2011, and the film was eventually released on August 15, 2012. It gained popularity and went on to be remade in Bengali as Amanush 2 in 2015 and in Kannada as Asthitva in 2016. Following the success of Naan, a sequel titled Salim was released in 2014, which falls under the genre of action thriller. It is worth noting that the plot of Naan is loosely inspired by the 1999 American film The Talented Mr. Ripley.


Karthik, portrayed as a brilliant student, displays early signs of delinquency during his childhood. One such incident involves him forging his friend’s parent’s signature on a mark sheet, which leads to him being sent home from school early as a punishment.

However, Karthik’s world shatters when he discovers his mother engaging in an illicit affair with his uncle. Despite his mother’s pleas to keep it a secret, Karthik decides to reveal the truth to his father, who tragically takes his own life as a result.


Real Name Role Name
Vijay Antony Karthik
Rupa Manjari Rupa
Vijay Victor Suresh
 Krishnamoorthy Salim’s Fake Father
 Siddarth Venugopal Ashok
Anuya Bhagwat Priya
Vibha Natarajan Uma
Shyam College Senior

Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony

Composer Vijay Antony plays the lead role of a psychopathic killer; he also produced the film and worked as the music director.

Rupa Manjari

Rupa Manjari
Vijay Victor



Siddarth Venugopal

Siddharth Venugopal

In 2009, Karthik made his debut in the romantic musical film Ananda Thandavam, directed by Gandhi Krishna. This marked his entry into the film industry, where he portrayed a supporting role. Karthik continued his acting journey and gained further recognition with his role alongside Vijay Antony in the film Naan, released in 2012.

Anuya Bhagwat

Anuya Bhagwat

Vibha Natarajan

Vibha Natarajan



The film’s journey had some twists and turns. Initially launched in 2008, the project featured Siddharth Venugopal and Rukmini Vijayakumar as the lead actors. However, due to the underperformance of Karthik’s previous film Ananda Thandavam, producer Oscar Ravichandran decided to cancel the project.


The soundtrack of the film consists of six tracks, all composed by Vijay Antony himself. Following the trend set by Yuvan Shankar Raja in films like Vaanam and Mankatha, Vijay Antony also released a single track titled “Makkayala Makkayala” in June 2012 as part of the film’s promotional activities.

Notably, all the songs in the album were composed by Vijay Antony, showcasing his talent as a music composer in addition to his role as the lead actor in the film.

Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
“Makkayala Makkayala” Priyan Krishan Matheson, Mark Thomas, Shakthisree Gopalan 4:52
“Thapellam Thape Illai” Admin Adhi, Santhosh Hariharan 4:27
“Ulaginil Miga Uyaram” Annamalai Vijay Antony 4:49
“Dinnam Dinnam” Annamalai Deepak 4:35
“No One Is Perfect (Theme)”   Instrumental 2:56
“Thappelam Thappe Illai (Version 2)” Admin Vijay Antony 2:36

Theatrical Release Poster

Directed by Jeeva Shankar
Written by Neelan K. Sekar
Jeeva Shankar
(Additional Dialogue)
Screenplay by Jeeva Shankar
Story by Jeeva Shankar
Produced by Fathima Vijay Antony
Cinematography Jeeva Shankar
Edited by Sathish Suriya
Music by Vijay Antony
Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Distributed by Sri Devar Pictures
Release date 15 August 2012
Running time 143 minutes
Language Tamil

Critical Reception

The film Naan received positive reviews from critics. Malathi Rangarajan of The Hindu lauded the film, stating “A plethora of pluses makes Naan watch-worthy. Vijay Antony’s acumen comes to the fore in his choice of a subject that’s strong and a stronger character.” She appreciated the film’s strong storyline and compelling character.

Venkateswaran of The Times of India gave Naan a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, highlighting its gripping narrative. While acknowledging minor flaws, the reviewer commended the writing and the overall impact of the movie.

Other languages

It was remade in Bengali as Amanush 2 which was released in April 2015. Kannada Remake was released in 2016 as Asthitva.


In March 2014, reports surfaced about a potential Hindi remake of the film, with Prashanth being considered for the lead role. However, due to production delays, the Hindi remake did not materialize as initially planned. During an interview, Thiagarajan, the producer of the film, confirmed that the Hindi remake would still be made, but the project faced delays and was expected to commence production in February 2017.


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