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Date of Birth

N/A / / 1970


54 Years


Businesswoman, Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Spiritualist, Artist, Art Curator, Socialite

Nawaz Modi Singhania, a notable figure in fitness and wellness, recently separated from Gautam Singhania, Chairman and MD of Raymond. While details of the split remain private, both emphasized their commitment to co-parenting. The unexpected news has shifted public perception of the once highly influential and glamorous couple.

Nawaz Modi Singhania Biography Age, Family, Education, Career, Physical Appearance, Wife and Net Worth

She entered the world in Mumbai, India, in the year 1970, making her 53 years old as of now. She, a woman of diverse talents, excels in fitness, art, and philanthropy. Her versatility spans various roles as an artist, fitness trainer, yoga expert, spiritualist, motivational speaker, and overall inspirational figure. Dedicated to yoga and fitness, Nawaz emphasizes the importance of spirituality in her pursuits.

With a wealth of experience in the fitness industry, she stands out as a prominent advocate for healthy living. As a yoga practitioner, fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and spiritualist, Nawaz Modi Singhania’s impact extends across multiple domains. At 53, she actively manages a gym in south Mumbai, showcasing her commitment to promoting well-being. Despite facing challenges like a collarbone injury that led to her admission to Sir H.N.I., Nawaz remains resilient.


Nawaz Modi Singhania is the daughter of Nadar Modi, a distinguished solicitor and partner at the prestigious law firm Mulla & Mulla & Craigie Blunt & Caroe. Nadar Modi, her father, is a highly respected lawyer, and both of her brothers have followed in his footsteps by pursuing careers in law. Niharika Singhania and Nisa Singhania are their two children. Additionally, she has a brother named Rishad Modi, who is also a lawyer and holds a partnership in the same esteemed firm. Their wedding ceremony was a grand event, graced by the presence of celebrities, politicians, and business magnates.

Nawaz Modi Singhania Father Pic

Nawaz Modi Singhania Father Pic

Nawaz Modi Singhania Mother and Daughter Pic

Nawaz Modi Singhania Mother and Daughter Pic

Nawaz Modi Singhania Husband Pic

Nawaz Modi Singhania Husband Pic

School  New Activity School at Hughes Road, Mumbai (preschool)

Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai (Class 1 to 10)

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai (junior college)

College/University St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
Government Law College, Mumbai
Educational Qualification(s) Bachelor of Arts at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
LLB at Government Law College, Mumbai


Hailing from Mumbai, Nawaz commenced her educational journey at the New Activity School on Hughes Road for her pre-schooling. Subsequently, from the 1st to the 10th grade, she pursued her studies at the renowned Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai. Her academic pursuits led her to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from St. Xavier’s College. Delving into the legal realm, she furthered her education at Government Law College and KC Law College, both located in Mumbai. Her educational journey continued with graduation from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, a pivotal period where she crossed paths with Gautam Singhania.

Personal Life, Daughter and Husband

Nawaz Modi Singhania and Gautam Singhania are parents to two daughters, Niharika Singhania and Nisa Singhania, born in 2005 and 2007, respectively. Their union, sealed in 1999 after eight years of courtship, was celebrated in a lavish ceremony attended by celebrities, politicians, and business magnates. At that time, the couple epitomized influence and glamour in Indian corporate and social circles, residing in the opulent JK House in Mumbai, valued at over Rs 12,000 crore. They possessed an array of luxury cars, jets, yachts, and global properties.

However, in recent years, their once-enviable relationship faced challenges. Reports surfaced regarding alleged infidelity, family disputes, and legal conflicts. Speculation arose about Gautam Singhania’s involvement in his father Vijaypat Singhania’s disputes with cousins over the ownership of the Raymond Group, causing dissatisfaction for Nawaz. She also voiced concerns about Gautam’s purported neglect of her and their daughters, accusing him of dedicating more time to friends and hobbies.


Nawaz Modi Singhania, known for her expertise in fitness, is the visionary behind Body Art Fitness, a chain of fitness centers offering diverse exercise forms, including yoga, Pilates, aerobics, dance, and martial arts. Despite her professional accomplishments, a social media video circulated depicting Nawaz allegedly barred from entering the family property in Thane for a Diwali celebration hosted by her husband. The clip showed her outside the gate, sitting with a walking stick, highlighting a personal struggle.

Apart from her fitness endeavors, Nawaz is a certified Pilates and gyro tonics instructor, pioneering the first studio in India equipped with these technologies. Beyond her fitness pursuits, she is a recognized artist and painter, exhibiting vibrant and colorful works at solo and group shows in India and internationally. Themes of spirituality and dance often permeate her art.

The incident captured in the viral video fueled social media discussions, coinciding with Nawaz’s recent birthday celebration in Mumbai and a Diwali puja with her in-laws, Vijaypat Singhania and his wife. She has authored the book “Art and Soul,” offering insights into her artistic journey and philosophy.

While Nawaz keeps details about her early and personal life private, her association with NGOs and charitable organizations, including the Cancer Patients Aid Association, the Indian Red Cross Society, the Rotary Club, and the World Wildlife Fund, showcases her commitment to broader societal concerns.

Net Worth

Nawaz Modi Singhania’s net worth is estimated to be around 11,000 crore rupees, and her annual income has experienced a substantial increase over the years.

Social Media Account

Recently surpassing 241K followers on Instagram, she has established herself as a notable presence in the online community.

Gara Designer(s) Naju Daver, Rayomand Maneckshaw
Painter(s) Raja Ravi Varma, Bikash Bhattacharjee, Bose Krishnamachari, Prosanto Roy
Works of Art Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo at the Louvre, Paris; masterpieces by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Raphael at the Uffizi, Florence; the Night Watch by Rembrandt in Amsterdam; Water Lilies by Claude Monet and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican
Holiday Destination Bali
Cartoon Character Dr. Seuss

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Body Measurements
Birth Place Mumbai, India
Children 2
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height In CM 165 CM
Height In Meter 1.65 M
Nationality India
Parents Father : Nadar Modi Mother: N/A
Profession Businesswoman, Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Spiritualist, Artist, Art Curator, Socialite
Siblings Brothers: 2
Spous Gautam Singhania
Weight 55Kg
Zodiac Sign


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