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Date of Birth

1 / January / 2000


24 Years



Olivia Mae Bae, known as oliviamaebae across social media platforms, has gained prominence as a distinguished model recognized for her exceptional photography and modeling endeavors. With a significant following, particularly on TikTok, where millions of viewers engage with her popular videos, Olivia has cultivated a substantial fan base across various social media channels, including Instagram. Her widespread appeal is attributed to both her striking aesthetic and her documented fitness journey.

Olivia Mae Bae (oliviamaebae) Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Net Worth, BF & More

Olivia is an active user of social media, regularly sharing images on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Utilizing her social media presence, she often engages in the promotion of diverse products. Born on January 1, 2000, in the United States, Olivia currently resides in Denver, Colorado. With a Caucasian background, she proudly identifies as an American.

Who is OliviaMaeBae?

Olivia Mae Bae, a dedicated fitness enthusiast and social media influencer, shares engaging content on her TikTok and Instagram accounts. Boasting 488,000 followers on TikTok and nearly 2.8 million on Instagram, her popular posts encompass humorous sketches, workout routines, and valuable fitness advice.

Recognized for her positive outlook, Olivia Mae Bae stands out for her ability to motivate followers in achieving their fitness goals. She is admired for her transparency regarding her personal fitness journey, candidly addressing challenges with eating disorders and body image. Through her platforms, she encourages individuals to embrace and love their bodies for what they are.

Residing in Denver, Colorado, Olivia Mae Bae maintains a private demeanor, rarely divulging details about her personal life on social media. Nevertheless, she is known to cherish her close relationships with friends and family.

As a role model, Olivia Mae Bae inspires many young individuals who aspire to improve their fitness and overall well-being. Her journey serves as motivation for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Olivia Mae Bae’s age?

Olivia Mae Bae was born on January 1, 2000, making her 23 years old in 2023. As a Capricorn, she aligns with the traits associated with this star sign.

What is inside Olivia Mae Bae only fans leaks?

Olivia Mae Bae, recognized for her captivating beauty, often shares images showcasing her swimwear and dresses on various online platforms. However, on this occasion, her intimate photos were inadvertently leaked on OnlyFans. In these leaked images, she presents her stunning and alluring physique.

What is Olivia Mae Bae’s nationality?

Alecatxoxo is a native-born American who has spent her entire life in the United States. While her ethnicity is Caucasian, her specific ancestry remains uncertain.

Concerning Olivia Mae Bae’s romantic life, the internet sensation has chosen to keep it private. Despite her widespread online presence, she has refrained from sharing any details about her dating experiences, even on social media. Despite the lack of information, her contentment seems evident based on her posts.

How tall is Olivia Mae Bae?

The TikTok sensation is unquestionably striking. Olivia Mae Bae is 175 cm tall, equivalent to 5 feet 9 inches, with an elegant, slender physique weighing 55 kg (121 pounds). Her measurements are 34-24-35 inches, complemented by blonde hair and captivating blue eyes.


TikTok Stats

From an early age, Olivia Mae Bae harbored aspirations of becoming a social media celebrity. She delved into the digital realm, creating captivating short videos on TikTok featuring dances, lip syncs, and intriguing content. The positive reception of her initial TikTok videos motivated her to persist in producing and sharing.

Olivia dedicated substantial effort to her TikTok content, resulting in widespread popularity, with millions of views and likes. Beyond TikTok, she showcased her modeling prowess on Instagram, where she shared stunning images from various photoshoots, earning millions of likes on numerous posts.

As Olivia’s fame burgeoned, so did her following; she currently boasts over 2.9 million Instagram followers (@oliviamaebae) and over 265,000 Twitter followers. Exploring diverse platforms, she also ventured into OnlyFans, offering premium content to subscribers.

Engaging in brand endorsements, Olivia leveraged her charismatic personality and influence for modeling and photoshoots. Through her consistent and fantastic content, Olivia Mae Bae has evolved into a social media sensation, steadily amassing a growing fan base and followers daily.


Ticktok Url @oliviamayybaexoxo
Followers Count 39.4 M
Likes Count 205.3 M
Networth 2.3 million

Olivia Mae Bae’s Net Worth

Olivia Mae Bae, renowned as oliviamaebae, stands out as a bona fide social media sensation, garnering a substantial fan base across multiple platforms. Boasting an impressive following exceeding 2.3 million on Instagram, she shares captivating images from her photoshoots and adeptly leverages her influence for product endorsements.

Strategically utilizing her social media prominence, Olivia has secured a prosperous livelihood. Her financial success is multifaceted, encompassing revenue from brand promotions and other sources. Additionally, she offers exclusive content to subscribers on OnlyFans, employing a subscription-based model to enhance her income.

While Olivia Mae Bae’s precise net worth remains undisclosed, estimates suggest a significant wealth exceeding $2 million. This approximation underscores her achievements and financial prosperity stemming from her thriving career in social media and various ventures.

Body Measurements 34, 24, 35
Birth Place United States
Children N/A
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height In CM 175 CM
Height In Meter 1.75 M
Nationality American
Parents Unknown
Profession TikToker
Siblings Unknown
Spous N/A
Weight 55 kg
Zodiac Sign Capricorn


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