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Om Fahad Biography

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Date of Birth

26 / June / 1991


33 Years


• TikToker • Social media influencer • YouTuber

Om Fahad, also known by the names Ghufran Mahdi Savadi, Umm Fahad, and Om Fahaad, is a prominent figure in the realm of social media. Born on June 26, 1991, he has made his mark as a TikToker, social media influencer, and YouTuber.

Om Fahad (TikToker) Height, Death, Biography, & More

Embracing various platforms, Om Fahad captivates audiences with his engaging content and charismatic presence. His diverse talents and digital prowess have garnered him a significant following, solidifying his status as a notable figure in the online community.

Early Life

Details about Om Fahad’s early life are not widely available. He gained prominence as a TikToker, known for his content on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Starting his journey in 2022, Om Fahad captivated audiences with his dancing videos set to popular music, often featuring him in tight, body-hugging clothes. However, specific information about his upbringing and background remains undisclosed.


Om Fahad hailed from Zayouna, Baghdad, though details about his education are not publicly available.

Physical Stats

Om Fahad’s eye color is black, complemented by his black hair. Details regarding his body measurements are not publicly available.


Om Fahad was not married.


The names of Om Fahad’s parents and details about his siblings are not publicly known.

Om Fahad Picture

Om Fahad Picture


Om Fahad, born on June 26, 1991, in Iraq, tragically passed away on April 26, 2024, in Zayouna, Baghdad, Iraq. At the time of his death, his age was 33 years. He met his demise due to bullet wounds, marking a somber end to his life. Om Fahad was of Iraqi nationality, leaving behind a legacy as a TikToker, social media influencer, and YouTuber.


Om Fahad rose to fame as a TikToker, making a mark in the realm of social media. Starting his career in 2022, he garnered attention for his captivating videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, showcasing his talent for dancing to popular music. Despite facing controversies and challenges, including a six-month jail sentence in 2023 for breaching modesty and public morality, Om Fahad continued to engage his audience with his content.

Tragically, his career was cut short when he was shot dead outside his home in Zayouna district in April 2024. His untimely demise sparked widespread shock and tributes from fans worldwide, remembering him as a vocal advocate for free speech.

Net Worth

Om Fahad’s net worth is not publicly known.

Social Media Account

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Om Fahad

  • Om Fahad started making videos on social media applications such as TikTok and Instagram in 2022. The videos showed her dancing to pop music and wearing tight, body-hugging clothes.
  • In January 2023, the Iraqi Interior Ministry launched a campaign to identify social media influencers whose content was breaking the social fabric of Iraqi society. A web portal was created where more than 50,000 people submitted their complaints about internet personalities including her.
  • She first came into the headlines in 2023 when she was jailed for six months by Iraqi authorities for breach of modesty and public morality. Her arrest was criticised by many human rights organisations such as Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor which claimed that her prison sentence was an attempt to restrict public freedom in Iraq.
  • After leaving jail, she again posted videos of herself dancing to music and wearing Western clothes.
  • In 2024, she got into a beef with another Iraqi influencer named Dalia Naeem aka Iraqi Barbie who underwent 43 surgeries to look like a Barbie doll. Naeem claimed that Fahad was in a relationship with a senior Iraqi government official.
  • On the night of 26 April 2024, she was shot dead by a bike-borne assassin outside her home in Zayouna district. In a video that went viral after her murder, the killer can be seen walking slowly towards her SUV when she was sitting inside it. He then fired at her, killing her on the spot, and running from the scene after taking her phone.
  • Iraqi Interior Ministry announced that they would form a team of specialists to investigate her death.
  • Many people from around the world paid tribute to her on social media, remembering her as an advocate of free speech.

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Body Measurements Not Known
Birth Place Iraq
Children N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height In CM Not Known CM
Height In Meter Not Known M
Nationality Iraqi
Parents Name Not Known
Profession • TikToker • Social media influencer • YouTuber
Siblings Not Known
Spous N/A
Weight Not Known
Zodiac Sign Cancer


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