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Date of Birth

11 / January / 2000


24 Years



QCP, recognized by his username itsqcp, is a TikTok sensation, singer, and social media influencer based in the United States. With a thriving TikTok account, he has amassed a considerable fan base, boasting over nine million followers on the platform. As we delve deeper, you can discover essential information about QCP, including details about his age, height, real name, wiki, net worth, biography, relationship status, weight, family, ethnicity, and more.

QCP (Tiktok) Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, Girlfriend & Bio

Hailing from an American family in North Carolina, USA, QCP, whose real name is Gianluca Conte, was born on January 11, 2000. As a Capricorn, he completed his high school education at a local private school in Charlotte, NC. Although details about his educational qualifications are unavailable, QCP has kept information about his mixed ethnicity and parents private. He has three sisters as siblings.

QCP Wiki

QCP is currently unmarried, and his relationship status is listed as single. However, in the past few years, he has been romantically involved with at least two individuals.

QCP Age, Height & More

As of 2023, QCP is 23 years old. Standing at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighing approximately 76 kg, Gianluca has striking brown eyes and light brown hair. His shoe size is 11.5 in the United States.


TikTok Stats


In 2019, QCP initiated his TikTok journey by establishing an account under the username itsqcp, marking the beginning of his online presence. Despite his current internet fame, QCP has been a singer for over four years, releasing his debut single “Can’t Stop Me” in 2017, followed by more than ten singles and three albums, titled “Mixed Emotions,” “Repeat,” and “Mute.”


While QCP initially gained recognition for his singing, his songs have not achieved significant popularity among his fan base. On TikTok, he diversified his content by sharing short comedy and food videos, quickly gaining traction. Within a few months, his videos went viral, leading to a milestone of one million followers in 2020, eventually reaching nearly five million followers by the year’s end. Throughout his TikTok career, he collaborated with various influencers, including Faith Ordway. Currently, he boasts over 11.8 million followers with 307 million total likes.

Capitalizing on his TikTok success, QCP ventured into YouTube, launching his channel in June 2017 but began actively uploading videos in January 2020. Originally intended for longer-form content, he adapted to the rise of YouTube Shorts by re-uploading his TikTok videos. While he still uploads long-form content, it’s less frequent. Presently, his YouTube channel has amassed over 2.84 million subscribers, accumulating an impressive 1.2 billion total video views.


Ticktok Url @itsqcp
Followers Count 12.6 M
Following 2976
Likes Count 340.3 M
Networth $1 million

QCP Net Worth

QCP leads a lavish lifestyle as an influential figure on the internet, with an estimated net worth of $1 million, primarily fueled by sponsorships. Utilizing his TikTok account, he actively secures sponsors for his videos, collaborating with renowned brands. With an impressive engagement rate of 3% on TikTok, calculations from various online tools suggest that he stands to make around $7,200 from a sponsored post.

Expanding his entrepreneurial endeavors, QCP has recently ventured into merchandise, featuring a single item—an apron—available on the website named betch, priced at $29. While the earnings from the sale of aprons remain undisclosed, QCP’s diversification into merchandise indicates his commitment to multiple revenue streams.

Despite his YouTube channel amassing millions of views each month, the earnings don’t reach the thousand-dollar mark, primarily because his shorts garner the majority of views. Although QCP has other income sources, he has chosen not to disclose them at this time.

Body Measurements Unknown
Birth Place North Carolina, USA
Children N/A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height In CM 180 CM
Height In Meter 1.80 M
Nationality American
Parents Unknown
Profession TikToker
Siblings Unknown
Spous N/A
Weight 76 kg
Zodiac Sign Capricorn


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