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Ray Dalio Biography

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Date of Birth

8 / August / 1949


75 Years


Investor businessperson

Ray Dalio Biography, Age, Family, Career & Net Worth

Ray Dalio Biography- Raymond Thomas Dalio (born August 8th, 1949) is an American hedge fund manager and billionaire investor who has been co-chief investment officer for Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund since 1985.


Within Greenwich, Connecticut, the Dalio family lives along with his spouse Barbara who is a niece of the artist, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. Mark, Matthew, Devon, and Paul are the four sons of the family. Devon the oldest of them passed away at the age of 42, in an accident that occurred in the year 2020. Paul Dalio, their second child was born in the year 1979 and works as a director.

Barbara Dalio Ray Dalio Wife

Barbara Dalio Ray Dalio Wife

Mark Dalio Ray Dalio Son

Mark Dalio Ray Dalio Son

Matt Dalio Ray Dalio Son

Matt Dalio Ray Dalio Son

Paul Dalio Ray Dalio Son

Paul Dalio Ray Dalio Son

Devon Dalio Ray Dalio Son

Devon Dalio Ray Dalio Son

Childhood and Early Life

In the Queens Borough of the city of New York’s Jackson Heights area, Dalio was born. At the age of eight, young, his family relocated out of NYC’s Jackson Heights to Manhasset in Nassau County. His parents were Ann who was a housewife along with Marino Dalio (1911-2002), the Jazz musician who “played the clarinet and saxophone in Manhattan jazz venues such as the Copacabana.”

Personal Life

Barrett’s esophagus is a form of gastroesophageal resuscitation disease (GERD) and is a pre-malignant disease that, if untreated can turn into cancer. Dalio has suffered from this condition.

Professional Career

Dalio went to high school and was a typical student. Dalio did not find any practical use for the knowledge he was developing in school. The curriculum was repetitive and boring. He was unable to find an institution to enroll in because of this. He finally applied to be accepted at C.W. Post College, a branch of Long Island University.

In college, he continued trading and buying stocks, however, he began to be attracted to commodities futures. In the early days, commodities futures required only a small amount of borrowing and Dalio believed he could reap significantly from them, rather than simply equities.

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Ray Dalio’s Net Worth

His net worth as of 2023 was $19.1 billion. According to estimates from the press In June 2023, he had more than $19.1 billion of assets.

Ray Dalio Principles

In “Principles,” the entrepreneur and investor share his approach to life and management that he believes everyone can apply to improve their lives.

Ray Dalio Portfolio

October 2022. October 2022. Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio can be described as a medium Risk portfolio that can be put into place using five ETFs. It’s traded for 30% in the Stock Market and 15 percent on Commodities. In the past 30 years, the He All-Weather Portfolio earned an average of 7.23 percent annual compound return and a 7.02 percent standard deviation.

Ray Dalio Bitcoin

Dalio also spoke about the notion that Bitcoin is viewed as a digital gold as well as insurance against inflation by its advocates. Dalio also said that it could be compared with gold since it is a very limited quantity of bitcoin. “I think over time, inflation-hedge assets are probably likely to do better,” Dalio said to Green.

Ray Dalio Changing the World Order

“Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order,” by Ray Dalio, explains why the United States succeeded in becoming the most powerful nation in the world.

Ray Dalio IQ

He acquired 1.48 Million IQIYI- ADR shares valued at $4.53 Million. This is 0.02 percent of their total equity holdings (487th most valuable holding).

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Body Measurements
Birth Place Jackson Heights New York United States
Children Sons: Devon Dalio, Paul Dalio, Matt Dalio, Mark Dalio
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Gray
Height In CM 176 CM
Height In Meter 1.76 M
Nationality American
Parents Father: Marino Dallolio
Mother: Ann Dallolio
Profession Investor businessperson
Siblings Not Yet Update
Spous Barbara Dalio
Weight 80 Kg
176 Lbs
Zodiac Sign Leo


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