Romancham Movie 2023 Cast

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Initial release

3 February 2023




Jithu Madhavan


1. 75 crores


Comedy, Horror


2h 9m

Romancham (translated as “Goosebumps”) is a comedy horror film in the Malayalam language, released in 2023. It marks the directorial debut of Jithu Madhavan, who also wrote the screenplay. The film features an ensemble cast including Soubin Shahir, Arjun Ashokan, Sajin Gopu, Siju Sunny, and Abin Bino in the leading roles.

Romancham Movie 2023 Cast, Plot, Music, & Release


The film delves into the incidents that supposedly occurred in the lives of seven bachelors living in Bangalore in 2007, following their use of an Ouija board and the subsequent chain of events. Through satire, it explores the transformation of a lighthearted divination activity into a far greater problem than mere boredom.

As Jibin recuperates in the hospital, he begins to question whether the series of occurrences affecting him and his friends are mere coincidences or if there is a genuine supernatural force at work. Doubts about his own sanity arise, leaving him to ponder whether he has been experiencing hallucinations all along.

Ultimately, Jibin and his friends grasp the grave consequences of meddling with the unknown and recognize the importance of respecting the boundaries between the living and the dead. They come to understand that genuine friendship and validation stem from being good-hearted individuals and doing what is right, rather than seeking attention or engaging in perilous games.


Real Name Role Name
Soubin Shahir Jibin Madhavan
Arjun Ashokan Sinu Solomon
Sajin Gopu Niroop
Abin Bino Shijappan
Siju Sunny Mukesh
Afzal PH Hari (Karikuttan)
Jagadeesh Kumar Nithin Naarayan
Anantharaman Ajay Rivin
Joemon Jyothir DJ Babu
Chemban Vinod Jose Sayed
Deepika Siva Nurse Nayana
Sneha Matthew Pooja
Asim Jamal Benny
Thankam Mohan
Jolly Chirayath Sinu’s mother

Soubin Shahir

Soubin Shahir

Arjun Ashokan

Arjun Ashokan

In the lead roles of the 2023 Indian Malayalam-language comedy horror film Romancham (transl. Goosebumps), we have Soubin Shahir, Arjun Ashokan, Sajin Gopu, Siju Sunny, and Abin Bino.

Sajin Gopu

Sajin Gopu, an Indian film actor, is known for his work in Malayalam cinema. Originally from Aluva, he stepped into the film industry with a minor role in the 2015 movie Mumbai Taxi.

Abin Bino

Starring Arjun Ashokan, Sajin Gopu, Siju Sunny, and Abin Bino in the lead roles, Romancham (transl. Goosebumps) is a 2023 Indian Malayalam-language comedy horror film.

Siju Sunny

Siju Sunny

Afzal PH

Afzal PH

Jagadeesh Kumar

Jagadeesh Kumar

Anantharaman Ajay

Joemon Jyothir

In addition to the cast members mentioned earlier, Romancham (transl. Goosebumps) features Joemon Jyothir as DJ Babu and Chemban Vinod Jose in a cameo role as Sayed. The film, released in 2023, is a comedy horror film in the Malayalam language from India.

Chemban Vinod Jose

Chemban Vinod Jose

Deepika Siva

Sneha Matthew

Sneha Mathew

Asim Jamal

Thankam Mohan

Thankam Mohan

Jolly Chirayath

Jolly Chirayath


The production of Romancham was undertaken by John Paul George and Girish Gangadharan under the banner ‘Guppy Cinemas’.


Vinayak Sasikumar has penned all the lyrics for Romancham, while the music for the film has been composed by Sushin Shyam.


Romancham has secured movie streaming rights with Disney+ Hotstar. The film is expected to have its digital release on OTT on 7th April 2023, while the theatrical release date is set for 3rd February 2023.


The film concludes with a suggestion of a potential sequel in the future. However, the director has emphasized that they will only consider pursuing a sequel if the script can maintain the same level of quality as Romancham. They are committed to not proceeding with a sequel merely for the sake of it.

Romancham Movie Poster

Cinematography Sanu Thahir
Country India
Directed by Jithu Madhavan
Edited by Kiran Das
Language Malayalam
Music by Sushin Shyam
Produced by Johnpaul George

Girish Gangadharan

Joby George

Release date 3 February 2023
Running time 129 minutes
Written by Jithu Madhavan


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