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Savitribai Phule Biography

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Date of Birth

3 / January / 1831


193 Years



Savitribai Phule (Educationalist) Biography, Age, Death, Husband, Children, Family, Facts, Wiki & More

Savitribai Jyotirao-Phule was a well-known Indian social activist, educator, and poet. She played a pivotal role in women’s empowerment and education during the 19th century. She is regarded as one of the few women who were literate in that era Savitribai was credited with creating the first girls’ schools at Pune within Bhide Wada with her husband Jyotirao Phule.

Savitribai Phule made a lot of effort in educating and emancipating child widows, fought against child marriage as well and data path as well as a proponent of widow divorce. An important figure in Maharashtra’s social revolution.

She is seen as an iconic figure of the Dalit Mang caste, along with such figures as B. R. Ambedkar and Annabhau Sathe. She was a vocal opponent of untouchability, and actively worked towards removing gender and caste-based discrimination.

Early Life

The birth of Savitribai took place on the 3rd of January 1831 in Naigaon (presently located in the Satara district) in British India in a farming family. She is the daughter of Khandoji Neveshe Patil and Lakshmi their oldest daughter. In those days, girls married earlier, and so, following the typical customs, nine-year-old Savitribai married to 12 years older Jyotirao Phule on the 3rd of January, 1840.

Jyotirao later became an author, thinker social activist, and anti-caste reformer. He is regarded as one of Maharashtra’s most prominent figures in the Social Reform Movement. Savitribai’s schooling began following her marriage.


Savitribai Phule Father Pic

Savitribai Phule Father Pic

Savitribai Phule Mother Pic

Savitribai Phule Mother Pic

Savitribai Phule Parents Pic

Savitribai Phule Parents Pic

Savitribai Phule Husband Pic

Savitribai Phule Husband Pic


When she got married, wedding, Savitribai Phule was not educated as Brahmins prohibit it for women of low casting and sexuality. Jotirao was also forced to drop his education due to his caste but was eventually able to enroll at a Scottish missionary school where he attended school until the seventh grade.


The son she adopted Yashwantrao helped the people in his region as a physician. In the event that the worldwide Third Pandemic of the bubonic plague ravaged the region of Nallaspora, Maharastra in 1897 The brave Savitribai and Yashwantrao established a clinic near the outskirts of Pune to treat patients who were infected with the bubonic plague.

They brought patients to the clinic, where her son took care of them while she cared for the patients. Over time she contracted the disease while working with patients. She succumbed to it on the 10th of March, 1897.

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Savitribai Phule Wikipedia

Savitribai Jyotirao Ji(3 January 1831 to 10 March 1897) was an Indian social reformer, educator as well as a poet hailing from Maharashtra. Together with her husband, in Maharashtra, she played an essential and crucial role in the advancement of female rights throughout India.

Her name is often referred to as the founder of the feminist movement in India. Savitribai and her husband established an early modern Indian girls’ school in Pune in Bhide Wada in 1848. She is instrumental in removing the discrimination and unjust treatment of people on the basis of gender and caste. She is recognized as an important leader in the movement for social change in Maharashtra.

Savitribai Phule Essay

Her essays are written in English 300 words 200 words 100 words. Savitribai Phule is the very first teacher of women in India.

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Body Measurements Not Yet Update
Birth Place Naigaon British India
Children Son: Yashwant Phule
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height In CM 154 CM
Height In Meter 1.54 M
Nationality Indian
Parents Father: Khandoji Navse Patil
Mother: LaxmiBai
Profession Teacher
Siblings Not Yet Update
Spous Jyotiba Phule
Weight 70 Kg
154 Lbs
Zodiac Sign Capricorn


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