T. Abdul Rahman Biography

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Date of Birth

20 / January / 1934


90 Years


• Footballer • Football Coach

T. Abdul Rahman, also recognized as Abdul Rehman or Thayatheri Abdul Rahman, earned the nickname “Olympian Rahman” due to his notable contributions to Indian football.

Abdul Rahman (Footballer) Age, Death, Wife, Children, Family, Biography

Born on January 20, 1934, Rahman gained prominence as a distinguished footballer and coach. He earned recognition as a member of the Indian football team that participated in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, solidifying his place in the annals of Indian sports history.

Early Life

T. Abdul Rahman early life was marked by his innate passion for football, which surfaced during his childhood years. He made the pivotal decision to pursue football seriously while still in the 4th standard, choosing to forego formal education to focus entirely on the sport. Rahman’s formative years saw him honing his skills in local matches, laying the foundation for his future endeavors in the world of football.


Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, serves as T. Abdul Rahman’s hometown. He pursued education up to the fourth grade before discontinuing his studies.

Physical Stats

Abdul Rahman stands approximately 5′ 10″ tall, with captivating black eyes.

Wife and Children

T. Abdul Rahman wife’s name remains undisclosed. He has a son, Haris Rahman, married to Zuhara Haris, and a daughter, Honitha Saleem.


Abdul Rahman’s parents’ names and siblings remain unknown.

T. Abdul Rahman youngage Picture

T. Abdul Rahman youngage Picture


T. Abdul Rahman was born on January 20, 1934, in Kozhikode (also known as Calicut), Kerala, India, during the British colonial period. He passed away on December 15, 2002, in the same city, at the age of 68. As an Indian national, Rahman was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Olympian Rahman Memorial Academy of Football

T. Abdul Rahman  passed away on December 15, 2002, in Calicut at 68. Following his demise, football enthusiasts in Kozhikode advocated for a sports academy in his honor. In 2005, KDFA established the Olympian Rehman Memorial Academy of Football to nurture young talent, particularly in the Malabar region of Kerala. His playing memories were featured in the “Memories in Playgrounds” supplement of Mathrubhumi news daily.


T. Abdul Rahman football career was marked by remarkable achievements, from representing India in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics to leading Bengal to victory in multiple Santosh Trophy tournaments. Transitioning to coaching post-retirement, he continued to influence the sport’s development. Rahman’s legacy lives on through memorials like the Olympian Rehman Memorial Academy of Football and the Olympian Rahman Stadium, ensuring his impact endures in the footballing world.

Net Worth

Abdul Rahman’s net worth remains undisclosed.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Abdul Rahman

  • Abdul Rahman’s passion for football emerged in childhood. While in the 4th standard, he expressed his desire to become a footballer to his father, leading to his decision to quit school with his father’s approval and focus solely on the sport.
  • During his teenage years, Rahman began participating in local football matches, gradually making his way into national leagues. Notably, in 1954, he played a pivotal role in helping the Malabar team reach the semi-final of the Rovers Cup.
  • Joining the Indian football team for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics marked a significant milestone in Rahman’s career, where he showcased his talent at just 21 years old. His participation in the prestigious event solidified his place in the realm of Indian football.
  • Rahman’s transition from player to coach saw him imparting his knowledge and expertise to various clubs, including Mohammedan Sporting and Premier Tyres. His coaching tenure further enriched Indian football, leaving a lasting impact on aspiring players.
  • Despite Rahman’s retirement from active participation in football, his passion for the sport persisted. His later years were marked by memorable moments, including notable incidents during matches and his enthusiastic support for players.
  • Rahman’s legacy extends beyond his playing and coaching days, with his contributions being commemorated through various initiatives. In his honor, the Olympian Rehman Memorial Academy of Football was established, and the Olympian Rahman Stadium was inaugurated in Kozhikode.
  • Rahman’s remarkable journey in football came to an end with his passing on December 15, 2002, in Calicut. His memory continues to be cherished, evident in the special postal cover released in his honor on October 29, 2018, preserving his legacy for future generations.

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Body Measurements Not Known
Birth Place Kozhikode (also known as Calicut), Kerala, India (then-British India)
Children Son: Haris Rahman, Daughter: Honitha Saleem
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height In CM 178 CM
Height In Meter 1.78 M
Nationality Indian
Parents Name Not Known
Profession • Footballer • Football Coach
Siblings Not Known
Spous Name Not Known
Weight Not Known
Zodiac Sign Aquarius


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