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The Y Hindi Movie 2023 Cast

Posted by | Vishnu Das on | June 6, 2023

Initial release

6 January 2023




Girideva Raaj


8 Cr - 10 Cr


Horror, Mystery, Thriller


1h 50m

“The Y” is an Indian Hindi psychological horror film released in 2023. It is written and directed by Girideva Raaj and produced by Rocket Films.

The Y Hindi Movie 2023 Cast, Synopsis, Release, & Reception

“The Y” features Yuvan Hariharan, Leonilla D’Souza, Prithal Pawar, Kamal Ghimiray, Abhinava Kiran, and Apsara in prominent lead roles. The film was released on January 6th, 2023.


In the gripping narrative of “The Y,” a young mute girl named Deeksha (Leonilla D’Souza) embarks on a new journey by marrying Yuvan (Yuvan Hariharan). Together, they move into a recently inherited bungalow, marking the beginning of a fresh chapter in their lives. Yuvan’s friend, Abhi (Abhinava Kiran), cautions him about the presence of a ghost in the new residence, but Yuvan dismisses it, as he doesn’t believe in the supernatural.

However, their tranquil existence takes an unexpected twist when inexplicable incidents begin to occur. The couple becomes engulfed in paranormal activities that permeate their daily routine, transforming their lives into an enigmatic tale of mystery.


Real Name Role Name
Yuvan Hariharan Yuvan
Leonilla D’Souza Diksha
Prithal Pawar Sonu
Abhinava Kiran Abhi
Kamal Ghimiray Psychiatrist
Apsara Vidhya
Bhairavi Younger Diksha
Bhuvan Brahmadev Younger Yuvan

Yuvan Hariharan

Yuvan Hariharan

Yuvan Hariharan was so excited about working in a Bollywood film that he polished his Hindi speaking skills for his role in ‘The Y’.

Leonilla D’Souza

Leonilla D'Souza

The film showcases a talented cast including Yuvan Hariharan, Leonilla D’Souza, Prithal Pawar, Kamal Ghimiray, Abhinava Kiran, and Apsara in prominent lead roles. Their performances contribute to the overall impact of the film, creating a captivating viewing experience.

Parth Pawar

Parth Pawar

Abhinava Kiran

Kamal Ghimiray

Kamal Ghimiray



Bhuvan Brahmadev

Bhuvan Brahmadev


In a twist of fate, the female lead unexpectedly loses her voice. As the couple embarks on a new chapter in their lives following their marriage, they encounter yet another challenge. When they receive an enigmatic gift from an unknown sender, the protagonist becomes entangled in a series of peculiar events, turning their once-ordinary lives into a captivating and enigmatic tale.

The intrigue of the movie is whether she is experiencing trauma as a result of her prior experiences or whether there is a spirit in the gift that has just arrived and how the two of them can solve the mystery.


The official YouTube channel of Rajshri has released the highly anticipated trailer for the film. The trailer introduces Leonilla as Deeksha Dee, a character who tragically lost her voice after a horrifying incident. Deeksha, along with her husband, embarks on a fresh start in a new house, aiming to begin a new chapter in their lives after their marriage. However, they are confronted with an unforeseen situation that neither of them could have imagined.


The Y movie was released in theatres on January 6, 2023.

The Y Release Poster

Cinematography Karthik Mallur
Country India
Directed by Girideva Raaj
Distributed by Cinepolis India
Edited by Vinod Basavaraj
Language Hindi
Music by Christopher Jayson (Score), Maru Brothers (song)
Produced by Madhu GM Gowda, Dr. Ajith R
Production Company Rocket Films
Release date 6th January 2023
Running time 110 minutes
Written by Girideva Raaj


“The Y” garnered a range of reviews from critics, with a mixture of positive and mixed feedback. The Times of India rated the film 2.6 out of 5, expressing their evaluation. On the other hand, the Indian films and entertainment website Bollywood Hungama awarded the film a perfect rating of 5 out of 5, showcasing their high regard for the movie.


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