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Vikram Vedha Tamil Movie 2022 Cast

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Initial release

30 September 2022






₹11 crores


Action, Thriller


2h 40m

“Vikram Vedha” is an Indian Tamil-language neo-noir action thriller film. It is written and directed by Pushkar-Gayathri and produced by S. Sashikanth under the YNOT Studios banner. The film features a talented cast including R. Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi, Shraddha Srinath, Kathir, and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, with supporting roles played by Prem, Achyuth Kumar, Hareesh Peradi, and Vivek Prasanna.

Vikram Vedha Tamil Movie 2022 Cast, Plot, Production, & Release

The narrative of the film draws inspiration from the Indian folktale “Baital Pachisi.” It revolves around Vikram, a police inspector determined to track down and eliminate Vedha, a notorious gangster. However, when Vedha voluntarily surrenders himself, he begins narrating three compelling stories to Vikram, leading to a transformation in his understanding of morality and the concepts of good and evil.


Vikram, an honest and straightforward inspector, strongly adheres to a black-and-white understanding of good and evil. In contrast, Vedha is a feared gangster who comprehends the shades of gray that exist in between. Simon, Vikram’s closest friend, leads an encounter unit that is formed to eliminate Vedha.

During one encounter, the squad eliminates some of Vedha’s associates but manipulates the scene to make it appear as if an unarmed criminal was killed by Vikram, avoiding any further investigation. As the unit plans another encounter, Vedha unexpectedly enters the police station and voluntarily surrenders himself.


Real Name Role Name
Madhavan Vikram
Shraddha Srinath Priya
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Chandra
Hareesh Peradi Chetta
Vivek Prasanna Ravi
Jayaseelan Sethu
Gowri Lakshmi Anitha
Gorge Vijay Sub-inspector Prabhakar
E. Karthik Sub-inspector Pandian
Vijay Sethupathi Vedha
Kathir Pulli
Prem Kumar Inspector Simon
Achyuth Kumar SP Surendhar
Rajkumar Half Boil
Manikandan K. Police Constable Santha
Babu Sub-inspector Ansari
Kevin Augustine Vellai
E. Ramdoss Head Constable Velraj

R. Madhavan

R. Madhavan

In the film ‘Vikram Vedha,’ R. Madhavan portrays the role of Vikram, a police officer who takes on the lead role. As Vikram investigates the crimes unfolding around him, he becomes entangled in a web of mysteries and unsolved stories. Shraddha Srinath

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Hareesh Peradi

Hareesh Peradi

Accordingly, Hareesh Peradi has joined Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vikram’, and he will be seen in a crucial role.

Vivek Prasanna

Vivek Prasanna

The action film Vikram Vedha, starring R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi, saw Vivek in the role of a gangster


Gowri Lakshmi

Gowri Lakshmi

Gorge Vijay

George Vijay


Vijay Sethupathi

Vijay Sethupathi



Prem Kumar

Prem Kumar

Achyuth Kumar

Achyuth Kumar


I apologize for the mistake in my previous response. In the film ‘Vikram Vedha,’ the role of ‘Half Boil’ was played by Tamil actor Rajkumar.Manikandan K.


Kevin Augustine





Following the release of “Va” in 2010, the director duo Pushkar and Gayathri, who are married to each other, decided to take a break from filmmaking. During this hiatus, they ventured into exploring other genres, as their previous films “Oram Po” (2007) and “Va” were primarily comedies. They desired a shift in tone for their next project, which eventually became “Vikram Vedha.”


The director duo Pushkar and Gayathri were confident that Vijay Sethupathi would be the perfect fit for the character of Vedha in “Vikram Vedha.” They envisioned Vedha’s mannerisms, way of speaking, and storytelling style to align closely with Vijay Sethupathi’s natural acting abilities. Interestingly, they made this realization only after narrating the script to Sethupathi.


“Vikram Vedha” was produced with a budget of ₹110 million, which is approximately equivalent to US$1,661,631 in 2017. Principal photography for the film commenced on 16th November 2016 in Kasimedu, a neighborhood located in North Chennai, India. During this phase, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar joined the team as the second female lead, contributing to the film’s cast.


Sam C. S. took charge of composing the soundtrack and score for “Vikram Vedha.” Additionally, he penned the lyrics for the track “Pogatha Yennavittu.” The song “Yaanji” had lyrics by Mohan Rajan, “Tasakku Tasakku” featured lyrics by Muthamil, and “Karuppu Vellai” had lyrics written by Vignesh Shivan. These talented individuals contributed to the music and lyrics of the film, enhancing the overall musical experience for the audience.


Initially, “Vikram Vedha” received an “A” certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) due to its depiction of violence. However, the producers of the film felt that obtaining a “U/A” certificate would make it more accessible to family audiences and broaden its appeal.

As a result, they approached the censor board again and successfully secured a “U/A” certificate for the film, making it suitable for viewing by a wider range of audiences, including children under parental guidance.

Theatrical Release Poster

Box office ₹60 crores
Budget ₹11 crores
Cinematography P. S. Vinod
Country India
Dialogue by K. Manikandan
Directed by Pushkar–Gayathri
Distributed by Trident Arts
Edited by A. Richard Kevin
Language Tamil
Music by Sam C. S.
Produced by S. Sashikanth
YNOT Studios
Release date 30 September 2022
Running time 147 minutes
Written by Pushkar–Gayathri


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