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Initial release

21 April 2023




Dharani Rasendran


7-10 Crores


Action Adventure


2h 1m

Yaathisai, also known as “South Direction,” is an Indian Tamil-language historical fiction action-adventure film released in 2023. It is written and directed by Dharani Rajendran. The film features Shakthi Mithran, Seyon Rajalakshmi, Samar, and Vaidhegi Amarnat in the lead roles, while Guru Somasundaram, Chandrakumar, Semmalar Annam, Subathra, and Vijay Seyon portray supporting characters.

Yaathisai Tamil Movie 2023 Cast, Plot, Reviews & Release


The film opens with a clear disclaimer, acknowledging that it is a work of fiction centered around the renowned Pandiyan King Ranadheera Pandiyan and a fictional clan chief named Kothi from the Einar clan. The initial scene portrays an elderly bald man briskly walking through the woods, accompanied by a ten-year-old boy.

As the narrative progresses, the film shifts back to an earlier scene depicting Kothi’s trusted commander, also an elderly bald man, sharing the tale of his king’s valor with a ten-year-old boy. Unbeknownst to the child, he is none other than Kothi’s son, now grown.

The movie concludes with a poignant quote that resonates deeply: “A brave man stood against authority.” This quote encapsulates the enduring legacy of Kothi, highlighting his unwavering courage and defiance in the face of formidable challenges.


Real Name Role Name
Shakthi Mithran Ranadheera Pandiyan
Seyon Kothi
Rajalakshmi Devaradiyar
Vaidehi Amarnath Devaradiyar
Sabthaseelan Thotṭi
Guru Somasundaram Poosaari
Similar Annam
Subathra Robert Peruvirarkilli Velir chieftess
Vijay Seyon

Shakthi Mithran

Sakthi Mithran

The film stars Shakthi Mithran, Seyon Rajalakshmi, Samar, and Vaidhegi Amarnat in the lead roles with Guru Somasundaram, Chandrakumar


The film boasts an impressive cast, with Shakthi Mithran, Seyon Rajalakshmi, Samar, and Vaidhegi Amarnat taking on the lead roles. Accompanying them are seasoned actors Guru Somasundaram, Chandrakumar, and Semmalar Annam, who bring their talent and depth to supporting roles in the film.



Vaidehi Amarnath

Vaidehi Amarnath

“Yaathisai,” a captivating film, is proudly presented by Venus Infotainment and Six Star Entertainment. The movie features an exceptional cast, including Shakthi Mithran, Seyon, Rajalakshmi, and Guru Somasundaram, among others, who deliver captivating performances in the lead roles.


Guru Somasundaram

Guru Somasundaram



Chandrakumar, Shakthi Mithran, Seyon, and Raja Lakshmi starred in the lead roles.

Semmalar Annam

Semmalar Annam

Subathra Robert

Subatra Robert


The film is skillfully written and directed by Dharani Rasendran, showcasing their creative vision. In the lead roles, the movie features the talented actor’s Shakti Mithran, Samar Periyasamy, and Seyon Purushothaman, who bring their skills and charisma to the forefront, delivering captivating performances.

Vijay Seyon


The film was produced by K. J. Ganesh, who ensured its realization. Dharani Rasendran, known for directing Gnanaserukku, took charge of both writing and directing the film, bringing their creative prowess to the project. The film’s visual aesthetics were expertly captured by cinematographer Akhilesh Kathamuthu, while the editing was skillfully executed by Mahendran Ganesan.

Themes and Influences

At the core of the story lies the powerful theme of bravery and defiance against authority. Kothi, the central character, embodies these traits as he fearlessly confronts overwhelming odds and challenges the administration’s power. Despite being outnumbered and facing a formidable adversary in Ranadheera Pandiyan, Kothi rises to the occasion, displaying unwavering courage and determination.


The music of the film was composed by Chakravarthy.



The highly anticipated film was released on April 21, 2023, captivating audiences with its engaging narrative. The theatrical rights for the film were acquired by Sakthi Film Factory, ensuring its widespread distribution across theaters. Furthermore, Ayngaran International secured overseas rights, enabling the film to reach international audiences and expand its global reach.

Theatrical Release Poster

Box office 20 Crores
Budget 7-10 Crores
Cinematography Akhilesh Kathamuthu
Country India
Directed by Dharani Rasendran
Distributed by Sakthi Film Factory (Tamil Nadu)

Ayngaran International (Overseas)

Edited by Mahendran Ganesan
Language Tamil
Music by Chakravarthy
Produced by K. J.Ganesh
Venus Infotainment

Six Star Entertainment

Release date 21 April 2023
Running time 121 minutes
Written by Dharani Rasendran


In a review by Bhuvanesh Chandar from The Hindu, he expressed his thoughts on the impressive period drama made by a newcomer. While acknowledging its strengths, he also highlighted a few areas of improvement.


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