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Hamish Harding Biography

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Date of Birth

24 / June / 1964


60 Years


Businessperson Explorer Astronaut

Hamish Harding Livingston Harding, born on the 24th of June, 1964, and passing away on the 18th of June, 2023, was a notable British entrepreneur, aviator, discoverer, thrill-seeker, and space traveler who resided in the United Arab Emirates. Renowned as the visionary behind Action Group, he also held the position of chairman at Action Aviation, a globally recognized aircraft brokerage firm situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Hamish Harding Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, & More

In his capacity as an intrepid explorer, Hamish Harding Livingston Harding held membership in The Explorers Club and embarked on numerous expeditions. He ventured to the South Pole on multiple occasions, delved into the depths of the Mariana Trench, and accomplished a remarkable feat by breaking the Guinness World Record for circumnavigating the Earth. Furthermore, he achieved the extraordinary milestone of journeying into space.


Hamish Harding, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harding, does not have additional information available about his parents or siblings. However, it is known that Hamish Harding is a married man and his devoted spouse is Linda Harding, who has been a loving and supportive partner to him. Together, they have two biological children named Rory Harding and Giles Harding. Additionally, Hamish Harding has two stepchildren, although further details about them are not provided.


Hamish Harding received his education at The King’s School, an esteemed independent day school located in the city of Gloucester in South West England. Following his time at The King’s School, he pursued higher education at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

School The King’s School
Alma Mater  Pembroke College, Cambridge
Highest Qualification M. A.

Personal Life

As a UK citizen, Hamish Harding currently resides in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai, along with his wife Linda and their two sons. Hamish Harding has garnered significant recognition for his exceptional accomplishments, holding three Guinness World Records. In 2019, he achieved the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth via both poles, setting a remarkable speed record.

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Hamish Harding’s professional trajectory is an awe-inspiring odyssey spanning the domains of aviation, exploration, and business acumen. His visionary leadership and unwavering determination have etched an enduring legacy within these industries. As the mastermind behind Action Aviation, an esteemed international business aviation company.

Harding has exerted a profound influence on the private jet sector. His entrepreneurial prowess, coupled with an unwavering passion for aviation, has propelled Action Aviation to the vanguard of the industry, providing unparalleled services to clients worldwide. Under Harding’s stewardship as the founder and CEO, the company has become a beacon of excellence, setting new standards in the realm of business aviation.

Titan Expedition and Death

On the fateful day of 18th June 2023, Hamish Harding found himself aboard the Titan, a vessel owned by OceanGate, Inc., embarking on a journey to witness the Titanic wreckage. However, during this expedition, the Titan unexpectedly lost contact with its support ship, the MV Polar Prince. The distressing situation prompted immediate search-and-rescue efforts, which involved water and air support from the United States, Canada, and France.

Four days later, on 22nd June, a significant breakthrough occurred. A debris field was discovered approximately 490 meters (1,600 ft) from the bow of the ill-fated Titanic. Subsequently, a press conference held by the United States Coast Guard confirmed that the found debris was consistent with a catastrophic loss of the pressure hull.

Net Worth

Hamish Harding possesses a substantial net worth of approximately $1 billion.

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Body Measurements Not Yet Update
Birth Place Hammersmith London
Children Sons: Rory Harding, Giles Harding
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height In CM 172 CM
Height In Meter 1.72 M
Nationality British
Parents Father: Name Not Known
Mother: Name Not Known
Profession Businessperson Explorer Astronaut
Siblings Not Yet Update
Spous Linda Harding
Weight 75 Kg
165 Lbs
Zodiac Sign Cancer


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